Full and partial dentures in Maidenhead

Dentures offer many benefits and modern dentures look far more realistic than they ever used to. They restore a full smile and gives you the freedom to eat, drink and speak without difficulty.

Full dentures, or complete dentures, replace entire arches of missing teeth, restoring the full function of the mouth, allowing you to speak clearly and eat normally. They are custom-made for every individual and are designed to look and function exactly like your natural teeth.

A partial denture is designed to replace one or a small number of missing teeth. The denture is shaped and coloured to blend in with your natural teeth, helping to restore the function of the mouth and prevent neighboring teeth from becoming mis-aligned.

Yes. If your dentures fit poorly it can affect your ability to eat and talk and cause you to lose confidence. Once your quality of life is affected in this way you should seek either replacement dentures an alternative solution using dental implants.

If you still have some of your own teeth, so long as they are stable, we can provide a partial denture. This denture fills the gaps between your existing teeth and is removable so it can be cleaned regularly.

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