Tooth Removal

Pain free dental extractions in Maidenhead

The most common reasons for requiring a tooth extraction will be due to damage or decay. Naturally, if your tooth has been broken or damaged we always try to fix it with a filling, crown or other treatment. But sometimes, there is too much damage for the tooth to be saved and in this case it will need to be extracted.

In other circumstances teeth are removed because they are blocking other teeth from forming correctly or they are misaligned. Most commonly wisdom teeth are extracted if they are stuck in the jaw (impacted).

Tooth extraction normally involves having local aesthetic to numb the area around the extraction site – this involves a relatively painless injection and numbness usually wears off within an hour of treatment.

Simple extractions are performed by Dr Alshafi, who simply loosens the tooth and then removes it. If the extraction is more complicated this may require referral to an oral surgeon.

For nervous patients all extractions performed at Woodlands Dental & Implant Centre can all be done using conscious sedation.

Dr Alshafi also provides dental implant treatment, this can be a viable option for many patients to replace the gap left after the tooth is removed.

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