What our patients say

They are using updated technology for treatments.

I chose to have a new implant crown fitted by Ahmed. The technology used is up to date, and I am happy with the result; also, the value compared to other providers is good. The crown has stood the test of Christmas and new year excesses, and I would recommend Ahmed and the team in Maidenhead to other prospective clients.

Richard Bright, Penn, Buckinghamshire

My entire experience has been exceptional

If you wish for a new smile, Dr Maryam Alkutubi is one of the best in the industry (in my view!).

Maryam eye for perfection is second to none; she's a true master of creating stunning smiles focusing on symmetry, horizontal Alignment, smile Line, smile width, tooth proportion and last but not least the colour and shape of my teeth.

Her designs for my new smile were incredible, and I decide upon her recommendation to have an Invisalign Brace and teeth whitening.

Now my teeth look amazing. Thank you, Maryam!

My entire experience with woodlands dental practice has been exceptional. Maryam was there for me throughout my entire Invisalign journey and ensured it was painless, easy and (dare I say it) ...enjoyable!!

I honestly looked forward to each visit with Maryam - she's kind, caring and utterly charming and I particularly loved how in each visit Maryam would show me my progress towards our end goal of a perfect smile!

Today, my teeth look amazing! I get so many compliments – all thanks to Maryam.

Maryam didn't just take time to design a perfect smile for me; it was her passion too... focusing on every little detail until my smile was the very best and happiest it could be.

Maryam's work has greatly helped my confidence, and now I can't stop smiling!

If you're considering improving your smile (or perhaps you'd just like to see someone else's vision of just how stunning your teeth can be!), Maryam is your person, you won't be disappointed.

My only regret is that I didn't meet Maryam sooner!

Thank you!!!

Katie, Berkshire

There is no doubt Ahmed will look after you

“There is no doubt Ahmed will look after you in a professional, caring, creative, skilful and time-consuming way. He is a perfectionist who wants to be sure the patient fully understands all options, exactly what is to happen and all timescales in any more complex process. It might be necessary to warn you of not only his camera but also his humour but of course both reflect his attention to detail and desire to put the patient at ease. He is warmly recommended.”

J Page, London N21

We have been patients here for a very long time

“If anyone is looking for a first class dentist you need look no further as we would definitely recommend Dr Ahmed Alshafi. The skill of the treatment required is ably demonstrated by Ahmed and is excellent. We have been patients here for a very long time. Thank you!”

David and Vivienne Davies, Buckinghamshire

I really trust his work

“Ahmed is an amazing dentist, I really trust his work. He has changed my oral hygiene completely. If only I had him as a dentist when I was younger I could have avoided a lot of problems, pain and expense.”

Shirley Liddell, Beaconsfield

He is a very competent dentist

“Dr Alshafi’s approach is one of minimum intervention and preventative action. In my case this has meant that he has tried to identify signs of decay early on, through regular X-rays, and treat them with fillings early. He explains the diagnosis, X-ray results and options for treatment clearly which I have found helpful. Overall he is a very competent dentist.”

F. Gell, Oxford

I need not of worried because they were perfect

“After a discussion with my dentist, we decided that a denture was needed to improve the appearance of my mouth. I had several gaps and three teeth that needed extracting. After several short visits for impressions and choosing the colour the day arrived for the final fitting. Of course I was excited and nervous, wondering what they would look like. My dentist was meticulous in fitting them, making sure there were no sore spots. I just wanted to get home and look at them in the privacy of my own home, but I need not of worried because they were perfect. During the six months I have had them I have not had to return for adjustments and can now eat with comfort.”

Ann Barrett, Buckinghamshire

I travel all the way from West Sussex for each appointment!

“Dr Alshafi has been my dentist since he first arrived at the practice. His immediate recognition of my gum disease, prompt treatment and recommendations for dental hygiene has meant that routine check ups have now become just that, rather than an occasion for more extensive dental work. He undertook a major restoration of my tooth with a large, very troublesome filling that has not been a problem since. Dr Alshafi’s treatment and care provides me with the peace of mind I am keen to have, so much so that I travel all the way from West Sussex for each appointment!”

John Benyon, Burgess Hill

I’m confident that his treatment is the right way to go

“Since Dr Alshafi arrived at the practice I have had to undergo some pretty extensive surgery; root canal treatment on three teeth and then temporary crowns leading onto permanent crowns. Ahmed has been sympathetic and listened to my worries and has explained exactly what he felt should be done. I’m confident that his treatment is the right way to go and that my teeth are being well looked after.

I would recommend Dr Alshafi to all my friends.”

S. Cuthbert, Beaconsfield

The treatment was not only good but rather more up to date

“I am now 74 and had been treated by the same dentist for thirty two years before he retired and Dr Alshafi took over. Having been very happy with the care that my old dentist had shown for me I was not quite sure that his younger replacement would continue the same treatment. In deed the approach was different but this was a very good development because since his arrival Dr Alshafi has managed to correct several things which have resulted in me having better teeth.

On his arrival it must have been difficult for Dr Alshafi to get to know all his patients who of course would be comparing him to the man they had entrusted the care of their teeth to for so many years. It only took a few visits to be assured that the treatment was not only good but rather more up to date. Now after three years of his care my teeth feel sounder and potential problems have been identified and are being regularly checked. Any doubts that I had originally have gone and I have confidence in him and his careful treatment.”

N. Saunders, Princes Risborough

He made a brilliant job of this

“I’ve been attending the practice for about four and a half years under the very good care of Dr Ahmed Alshafi, he’s always very professional and polite. He has done wonders for my teeth, I’ve had a full crown and half crown. I’ve also had some of my front teeth coated on the front to bring them back to how they used to look, he made a brilliant job of this( very pleased) He has also generally cleaned and looked after my teeth to a very High standard.

I’m very pleased with work overall”

Kevin Bignell, Tyler’s Green

I could not recommend this Dental Surgery more

“I have always had a fear of dentists from when I was a child. A bad experience with a Dental Practice prevented me from visiting a dentist for over 20 years. When I finally gathered the courage to do so it was clear that it had left me with many issues. It took a long time to build up a good relationship with the dentist who understood the fears I had. Sadly this dentist recently retired. Again, it took a while to build up my confidence to be able to go to another Dental Practice. My wife recommended Doctor Alshafi and his practice, so I decided to give it a try. My experience with Doctor Alshafi was very refreshing. The examination was very thorough and professional. Not only did he take me through the x-ray and explain the reasons for any treatment, during the treatment where I required some fillings he was very reassuring, checking I was ok throughout. The procedure was also very quick and the anaesthetic was very professionally administered to a point that I hardly felt the needle. I could not recommend this Dental Surgery more, it has given me the confidence to once again start looking after my teeth properly.”

Paul Whidborne, High Wycombe

Friendly but always professional manner

“I have been a patient of Mr Alshafi for over 8 yrs and in that time I found him to be a someone who was able to allay any fears regarding my dental treatment especially being someone who has not been overly keen on making dental appointments, he has provided me with well informed choices of modern day procedures & new technology by giving well founded advice in a friendly but always professional manner, so I am very happy to provide this testimonial.”

Mrs L.M.H, Buckinghamshire

I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Alshafi as a dental surgeon

“I have been a patient of Dr Alshafi for over 8 years and during this time have undergone a wide spectrum of dental treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Alshafi as a dental surgeon. At all times I have found him to be extremely professional. He has a caring and reassuring manner, he always gives a clear explanation of whatever treatment he is about to carry out and at the same time, makes sure that I am feeling comfortable.”

Viv Binder, Beaconsfield

Dr Alshafi made me feel very welcome and confident

“When my dentist retired in 2007 the prospect of having someone new take over my dental health care after thirty seven years was for me quite daunting. I need not have worried Dr Alshafi made me feel very welcome and confident from my first visit and this has continued over the last eight and a half years. He is a very committed, talented and caring dentist who really wants the very best outcome for all his patients. I have had various procedures over the years crowns, fillings, an extraction resulting in a neat small denture also some cosmetic treatment the results of all of these has been excellent. Any of the procedures that I have been unsure about he has been more than happy to talk me through each step in a way that has put my mind at rest.”

S.Trafford, Buckinghamshire

Treatments can now be carried out totally pain free! Amazing

“I have been a patient of Dr Ahmed Alshafi’s for the last eight years and I can say without hesitation that the experience has, for the most part, been a very positive one. I was an extremely nervous patient when I first became a patient of Dr Alshafi, due to some bad experiences in my younger days, and my confidence in both his knowledge and professionalism has only increased over the years. I have had treatments ranging from minor fillings to root canal and, whilst in themselves they are not particularly pleasant, my distress and discomfort have always been expertly managed and I no longer dread my visits to the dentist! Advances in both medicine and technology ensures that he has the latest anaesthetic options available and so treatments can now be carried out totally pain free! Amazing. And a review would not be complete if I did not mention his excellent skills when sculpting crowns and bridges, a true craftsman and a credit to his profession. What used to be a dreaded appointment lurking in my calendar, ‘the dental check-up’, is now no more worryingly anticipated than a trip the opticians and for this I can only heap my praise and thanks to Ahmed and his wonderful assistant who aides him in making my visits most enjoyable. Thank you both.”

H Wynyard-Wright, Great Missenden

Dr Ahmed Alshafi and his very capable assistant Dava for the firsts class service

“Having had a lack of teeth for many years and leaving it longer than I should, a good friend recommended a dentist to me.I had my first consultation with Dr Ahmed Alshafi during which he first put me at my ease, and explained the options I had, very professionally, and answered all of my questions with much patience. Having gone home and thought about my options, I decided to have implants, Now 18 months later I have 10 implants and can now smile and show a mouthful of teeth, and as my wife says, I no longer eat like a rabbit. For this I have to thank Dr Ahmed Alshafi and his very capable assistant Dava for the firsts class service they provided, and wish I had done it years ago.”

Roger Frost, Marlow

His approach has always been reassuring

“I have been a patient of Dr Alshafi for around four years. He has always inspired confidence and his approach has always been reassuring. During my time with Dr Alshafi I have had a number of treatments including root canal work, crowns and porcelain veneers, composite restorations, implants and extractions. All have been carried out very professionally. He also contacted me afterwards to ensure that everything was in order.

I would strongly recommend Dr Alshafi to any future patients.”

M. Smith, Beaconsfield

Dr Alshafi is brisk, efficient and friendly

“My family and I have been seeing Dr Alshafi for four years, since we moved into the area. Most of our needs have been straightforward, although one relative has also come to him, on our recommendation, for a significant amount of work on her teeth. I have always found his work to be excellent. Dr Alshafi is brisk, efficient and friendly and has always succeeded in putting me at ease. Whether for simple check-ups or minor fillings, I can say I’ve never had cause for any anxiety in his care.”

R. Bridges, Beaconsfield

Dr Alshafi has a very pleasant manner

“I have full confidence in the dental work carried out by Dr Alshafi and the way in which the need and method are explained to me. I recently had a tooth crowned and the process was clearly outlined and the work carried out in the anticipated timescale. I have also had restoration work carried out on a chipped tooth which was successfully matched to the surrounding teeth. Regular check-ups and hygiene work have also been undertaken with any necessary follow on action clearly explained. Dr Alshafi has a very pleasant manner and takes care that the patient is comfortable and at ease.

I have no hesitation in recommending this very good Dentist.”

John Goodman, Penn

His advice is invaluable and I would wholeheartedly recommend him

“Dr Alshafi has been taking care of my dental needs for eight and a half years. I myself have been a patient here since childhood. During the period that I’ve come to know Dr Alshafi I have received excellent care and consideration. The last few years have not been without some dental problems requiring in depth work such as a root canal procedure and the fitting of a crown. Neither are particularly pleasant to have to go through but Dr Alshafi made it as pain free and comfortable for me as possible. His skill and on-going care means that I can relax knowing that my teeth and oral hygiene are being looked after and maintained very well. His advice is invaluable and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who is choosing a new dentist.

You will be in very good hands!”

S. Davies, Holmer Green

I decided to have further treatment

“I had a baby tooth which had to be removed and had a Maryland bridge fitted by an NHS dentist which kept falling out. I visited Ahmed as I wanted to see what my options were as well as wanting my teeth whitened. Ahmed took time to explain all the options to me and patiently answered the many questions I had. Ultimately the decision was mine and felt I had as much time as possible for my decision. I opted for a bridge (trio) as well as the teeth whitening. Being a nervous patient I also decided to be sedated during the treatment. On arrival I was immediately put at ease once the sedation process was explained to me. I was so pleased with the results of the bridge and tooth whitening I decided to have further treatment to correct two crooked teeth I had. Again the options were explained to me and I decided to have veneers. All in all I received a welcoming and professional service throughout and want to say a big thank you for the wonderful work you done and I can now smile with confidence.

The results are simply amazing.”

L. Engel, High Wycombe

Excellent treatment using a combination of modern fillings and, where necessary, much better crowns

“I did not look after my teeth at all well in my childhood/teenage years, partly because the local dentist (in the 1960s in rural Lincolnshire) did not use any anaesthetic (or water) when undertaking rather crude ‘drilling and filling’ – so I stopped going. As a result, my 21st birthday present was three extractions and a lot of fillings at the University Dental School. As I got into my 30s I needed to start having crowns, and by my 40s and early 50s I had to have root canal treatments to save some teeth.

In my mid 50s I met Ahmed and while I was by this time very used to extensive dental treatment and anaesthetic injections etc I was very concerned to ensure I could secure excellent and appropriate treatment to stabilise and retain, as far as possible my natural teeth. Ahmed has undertaken excellent treatment using a combination of modern fillings and, where necessary, much better crowns. Very importantly, Ahmed, is a good communicator and has empathy (with me and my dental history). Ahmed always explains everything before, during and after each and every treatment and as a result I have every confidence in both his judgment as to what treatment is appropriate and how it is delivered.”

Stephen Hewitt, London

His surgery has a welcoming atmosphere

“Having been with the practice for more than 60 years I can say that I have never felt more secure and safe than in Dr Alshafi’s hands during his 8 years tenure there. He is friendly and caring, and will explain in detail the various options for any necessary dental work before proceeding. During this time he has carried out significant dental work for me including bridge work, tooth implantation, crowning and re-crowning work. The first two items involved tooth removals and a temporary denture. All of this work has been successful and was carried out in a very professional manner with the minimum of discomfort for me. Since the bridge work and the implantation of a tooth next to a front one were the first such occurrences for me, I naturally felt rather concerned about how I would be able to use these teeth and in particular how my implant would look! But it all turned out fine. On one occasion when I was in severe dental pain due to an infection Dr Alshafi saw me almost immediately to relieve the pain. His surgery has a welcoming atmosphere, and I recommend that anyone wanting an experienced dentist with an up to date knowledge of current day procedures should look no further.”

Brian Harding, Penn

Ahmed really helped me get my dental hygiene back on track

“I am more than happy with the service and quality of work I receive from Ahmed and his dental nurse Dava. I have been a patient here for over the past three years and I have just recently moved home and I am so happy here that I don’t want to change dentist even though I have moved county’s. I have undergone two root canals and two crowns as well as having all four wisdom teeth removed and a few fillings. Before coming to see Ahmed my teeth had been neglected by my previous dentist and Ahmed really helped me get my dental hygiene back on track. He gave me endless advice on how to clean properly and recommended all types of products in all different price ranges. His work is done to precision and nothing is too much trouble. I was very nervous about undergoing my root canal treatment but Ahmed and Dava put my mind at rest and reassured me throughout as well as talking me through the whole procedure. Anytime you have a query they are there to answer and advise. I have never been a massive fan of the dentist until now but now I feel happy and confident about my visits and I know whatever worry I have Ahmed will help me. Ahmed and Dava really do help you achieve that perfect smile no job is too big and they will always find you the perfect price plan too.”

T. Joiner, Bedfordshire

I value his opinion, his honesty and professionalism

“I have been a patient of Ahmed Alshafi’s for the last 6 years, in that time I have had numerous treatments and I can honestly say that each visit has been a relief in one way or another!! Either to have any pain relived or to improve my smile I am not afraid of going to the dentist anymore but in my younger days I had a few bad experiences, so that doesn’t leave me with a desire to go. However now I know not to leave things to get out of hand anymore because Ahmed has proven that it is good to see your Dentist. It helps when your dentist is friendly, calming and informative and always talks through any fears, what the options are, what the costs will be and what the level of treatment entails.

I have had the following treatments during the 6 years:

Tooth whitening – after giving up smoking we discussed improving my smile (we did this by teeth sand blasting, followed by teeth whitening)

Crowns, white fillings, root canal treatment – these have been mainly to correct old treatments and improve my smile by having a makeover. Ahmed even obtained a special screwdriver to remove an old root canal post from a Dental Specialist in London so that I didn’t have to travel to London, pay a specialist fee or be concerned about seeing someone I didn’t know!! I don’t worry about any future treatments / check-ups and I wouldn’t hesitate to have more cosmetic work done by Ahmed in the future.

I value his opinion, his honesty and professionalism. In turn he listens to me about what is best for me and what is a must do or can wait for another day!!”

Theresa Stokes, Beaconsfield

Ahmed is very calm and patient

“I had the same dentist for almost forty years until he retired a few years ago. I felt very nervous about finding a new dentist . I had appointments with two or three different dentists but I didn’t feel confident enough to embark on anything other than very standard maintenance. I met Ahmed last Spring and he explained how he could improve my smile and also prevent further deterioration of my front teeth. He did not put me under any pressure but explained the different options to me. I decided to be brave and have four new crowns. One crown was very old and looked terrible and the other three teeth were not in good condition. I was anxious about the treatment but Ahmed is very calm and patient and he explained everything to me as he was working. It took a little time to get used to my new crowns but they feel fine now and I look a lot better. My testimony to Ahmed is that I have returned to him and made another appointment for six months time!”

Jo White, London

He is extremely helpful and keeps me informed

“I am very happy with the service I have received from Dr Alshafi over the past 8 years. He is extremely helpful and keeps me informed of the best treatment options for my specific needs. I also receive general oral healthcare advice, which I find really beneficial. A few years ago, I underwent minor surgery to my gum as I was in a lot of pain. I was nervous before having the surgery but Dr Alshafi really took the time to explain what would be involved and made me feel a lot less worried. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr Alshafi.”

Finnemore, Buckinghamshire

I am grateful for the advice given

“I have been your patient since came to the surgery, so I have experience of your work in several areas. From a patient’s point of view advice on the options available is very important, and I think that you do this very well. There are situations like the loose wisdom tooth and the broken back teeth, where I know that something has to be done but I would not know the options or the likely end results, whereas you do. So far you have enabled me to make informed decisions and every procedure has worked exactly as you said it would. You have also brought treatments to my attention that I did not know about, such as whitening and white fillings. I am grateful for the advice given and the end results obtained with both of these treatments.

I am also happy with my decision not to bother with the straightening procedure based upon your guidance on the time and trouble involved. It may well have been worthwhile if I was much younger!”

Mike Stephenson, South Bucks

During treatment he has always put me at ease

“I am a long term patient at this surgery and Dr. Ahmed Alshafi joined the surgery when my previous dentist retired. Dr. Alshafi has always been very helpful and given me good advice when discussing various treatment options and I am very satisfied with the treatment I have received. Since I have been with Dr. Alshafi I have had one extraction, eight fillings and four crowns. During treatment he has always put me at ease and explained what needed to be done and what he was doing. I can thoroughly recommend Dr. Alshafi to anyone seeking dental care.”

John Williams, High Wycombe

Eight years later, I am still at the practice

“When Ahmed Alshafi took over the practice in 2008, there was every reason for me to move dentist. I live miles away in West London and the trip to Beaconsfield is hopelessly inconvenient. Like anyone else, I have an almost irrational fear of dentists. Someone messing about in your mouth is a recipe for acute stress, if not panic.Eight years later, I am still at the practice. Very happily so. I have never once been anxious during a visit. He and his team provide an exemplary, caring service. I wouldn’t go anywhere else – and I’m not being rewarded for saying that.

Since my first visit on a let’s-just-see-and-then-decide basis, I have had root canal treatment to four teeth, two white crowns and several fillings as a result of wear and tear. (A childhood discovery of a horizontally growing canine left me with a complicated dental legacy, which Dr Alshafi has now pretty much rectified). ‘Root canal’ just sounds painful. Except in my case, I actually went to sleep at one point, so pain-free and relaxed was the encounter. Yes, there’s a ticklish sense of instruments at work and keeping your mouth open for a long time is a bore, but Dr Alshafi’s dexterity and methods are exceptional. The two crowns I have had were built on a complicated canine legacy. In one case, Dr Alshafi virtually had to improvise, as there was no foundation to build upon. Yet the result was rock solid, comfortable from the off and has made an extraordinary difference to my mouth. He did a brilliant job.

Dr Alshafi is shyly reserved, utterly professional and deeply knowledgeable about his subject. He is always clear, taking the time and trouble to explain exactly what he is actually doing. He is never patronising or superior. His interaction is always very personable. I trust him completely. He presents you with the necessary information, in an unemotional way to allow you to make a proper decision. His advice is immensely reassuring but he will not pressurise you to take one procedure over another. As a dental patient in 2016, it’s impossible to ignore that dentistry is a business with a commercial side. It’s because of the way the profession has ben structured by outside influence. Dr Alshafi, therefore, has to talk about the cost of all procedures. His explanations are extremely reasonable. I have never felt any pressure to opt for any special treatment for primarily financial reasons. The overriding take-out is that his priority is your health first and foremost. The professionalism, science and humanity that Dr Alshafi has brought to the practice – and that is displayed by his loyal and hugely personable team – is outstanding. It is a hard task to make a trip to the dentists even a neutral experience, so it’s remarkable to have made it a genuinely positive one. Ahmed Alshafi is a calm ambassador for the profession and very, very good at what he does. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Will Awdry, West London

Dr Alshafi has cured my fear of the dentist

“I have always had a fear of the dentist which has led to me to not visit as often as I should and to delay necessary treatment. Having joined the practice and had my first ever dental work done I can now say that Dr Alshafi has cured my fear of the dentist. 3 fillings were required and I was extremely anxious about having them done. This was partly driven by the unknown (having not had any work before), a fear of needles and the usual tales associated with having fillings. My expectation was that the needle would be painful, the drilling would be a long process and that the whole experience would be very uncomfortable. In fact nothing could be further from the truth – the needle was barely noticeable, the drilling was very quick (and nothing like I imagined) and there was no pain or discomfort at all through any of the procedure. Dr Alshafi and his assistant were both excellent at addressing anxiety about having the procedure done. They clearly explained what was going to be done and were extremely good at making the process as relaxing as possible. Constant communication throughout the procedure was very helpful and calming. All in all having had the work done I feel silly for having been so anxious about it and for putting it off as long as I did. If I knew what I do now I would have had the work done as soon as I was told it was necessary.

Thank you very much.”

D. Lewis, Buckinghamshire

‘Worth every penny’ as I have a better smile and I am happy

“Going to the dentist is not my favourite outing, but over the years it has become obvious to me that looking after my teeth is important to my health and wellbeing.

I joined the practice over twenty years ago and when my dentist retired I was referred to Ahmed. At first my appointments were just routine but when I experienced sensitivity around the gums it was suggested that I have some restorative work. Over a period of time I had X-rays, root canal treatment, and a new crown. I was always nervous beforehand but with the help of an injection I felt nothing and my confidence was growing!

It was now time to address an idea I had, about replacing my two front teeth. I had a very old metal crown that was very white next to a discoloured tooth and I was very aware of this when I smiled! Purely cosmetic as the teeth were not causing me any problems. I discussed the treatment with Ahmed and he explained everything to me…it appeared to be straightforward so I decided to go ahead. It involved two appointments, the first to prepare the teeth for the new crowns by taking impressions of the top and bottom jaws, and secondly to fit the new teeth. Again I was very nervous but with an injection there was no pain at all.

Now the treatment is over and yes, it was expensive but ‘worth every penny’ as I have a better smile and I am happy that I made the decision!

Thank you Ahmed.”

Brenda McKee, Buckinghamshire

The reception team were extremely helpful and very friendly

“Well I’m pretty sure no one would say a visit to the dentist is a pleasant experience and if like me its been 12 years, then you can imagine how I was feeling about making the appointment let alone actually going! but the inevitable happened and I needed to find a dentist. I came across the dental practice following a search on the internet and made the call. The reception team were extremely helpful and very friendly, and I had an appointment for an initial consultation just a few days later. On arriving at the Dental Clinic there were a few forms to fill in but nothing complex and I was soon greeted by my new dentist Dr Ahmed Alshafi and the dental assistant. Both really pleasant and they put me at immediate easy, there was even a little humour mixed in for good measure. The initial assessment was straight forward and Dr Alshafi displayed on screen images of my teeth to help explain the treatment needed. Two further visits were required, the first to prepare a tooth for a crown and the second to fit the crown. This was carried out efficiently and more importantly for me ‘Painlessly’. Dr Ahmed said that a lot had changed in the 12 years and whilst I won’t go as far as to say it was enjoyable it was certainly not an unpleasant experience and there was no need for me to be apprehensive or nervous.”

R. Fuell, Penn

Good, caring dental service

“Having a good dentist is a very important thing to most people, it is a very personal relationship and people do not like to change dentist often. I have been attending the dental practice since I was a child and have had a lot of work carried out on my teeth over this time including braces as a child to have my upper teeth straightened. It was with some trepidation that I learnt that Dr Alshafi’s predecessor was retiring and that I would have to change dentist after many years. I now know that I did not have to worry, since Dr Alshafi took over I have had several appointments resulting in still further repair work. During these consultations Dr Alshafi has effectively informed me of the best options for any work that was required on my teeth allowing me to make the necessary decisions; in fact I have had two new crowns made up and fitted, both of which I am very pleased with. The work was carried out with the minimum of fuss and pain in a timely manner. For these reasons I would not hesitate to recommend Dr Alshafi and the practice to any person looking for a good, caring dental service.”

G. Butcher, Buckingham